Every concept and ultimately every word we think or say necessarily implies its opposite, or basically what "it is not". If we say "white" we are clearly saying "not red", "not blue", "not green" etc. By 'stating' something (anything) internally or externally we have now created a 'thing'. A 'thing' that additionally, now has to "exist" for us, and also has to be "managed", or "taken care of", or "defended" or "promoted" in the universe of "things" that we carry in our own minds.

This constant management of mental "objects" in our mind-universe is essentially the source of our suffering. Why? Because they actually DO NOT EXIST :) These are only illusory representations of mental abstractions of Being! Ha! Simple! Or as stated repeatedly in the exquisite Diamond Sutra "even the world is not a world, we only call it this way.”

The thing is, even if not real, we treat them as real, and not only that, but we also do our absolute best to manage our life according to them! So lets see how this sounds: We spend most of our time building imaginary "things" in imaginary "worlds" with imaginary "hopes" and imaginary "fears" and then we try to apply all this to the world outside... Mmmm... No wonder it feels like a bumpy ride!


Dr. Pedro Cortina is the CEO & Managing Partner at the Innerland Institute www.innerland.com. He is an author, speaker, counselor, facilitator, trainer, transformation specialist and leadership consultant. He is the author of Curflexion: Living the Infinite Space of Being, a guide for moving away from our underlying human experience of separation and unfulfillment.


In an age of intense business model disruption, our ability to consistently, reliably, or radically reframe our perceptional, organizational, and business assumptions is crucial to our continued success. This is what we do.

We specialize in working within the grounding realm of individuals, teams and organizations. This is the space where intangible internal impediments such as defeating beliefs, assumptions, mindset, preconceptions and blind spots can seriously get in the way of our passion, purpose, and direction.